Come explore with us the heart of the Jewish People-the old city of Yerushalaim. 

We will explore the alleyways of the old city telling the story of a 3000-year-old bond between our nation and its city. A never-ending story of relentless hope and triumph. Along the way we will answer the following questions; Is there a connection between acquiring property and the “peace process”? Why is it important to buy property in Jerusalem and throughout Israel? How many Jews live today in the old city? 

The Tour: We meet at the Churva square heading to the “other quarters” of the old city. Visiting a roof top lookout as well as the Kotel Hakatan and the closest point to the Har Habait, as well as an up-close look at the pioneers that call the area home. Finishing with a visit to the closest shul to the Kotel. 

A two hour walking tour appropriate for all ages

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