Shimon HaTzadik was of the remnants (last members) of the Great Assembly. He used to say: On three things the world stands. On Torah, on Service of G-d, and on deeds of kindness.” (Avot chap 1) 

Who was Shimon Hazadik? Why is this neighborhood constantly in the headlines? Why is this neighborhood so important for us? What has happened here in the last 130 years from the Ottoman area thru the British Mandate –continuing with Jordanian rule all the way to the present under the state of Israel?

The route: We will visit the tomb of Shimon Hazadik as well as the two Jewish neighborhoods (Nachlat Shimon & Shimon Hazadik), walking by the two war memorials and the old shul we will hear the stories of the Jewish communities that were here before the war of Independence and are currently being rebuilt against all odds 

Length of tour: Approximately 2 hours 

An easy walking tour appropriate for all ages 

Meeting point: Shimon Hazadik light rail station

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