Acquisition and Redemption of Land

Acquisition and Redemption of Land 

Purchase of land through the Israel Land Fund 

Outline of the purchase process: 

1. Initial meeting between the representative of the Israel Land Fund and the buyer or the buyer's representative. The Israel Land Fund requires a letter of recommendation from a known person, organization or community that we know or have worked with in the past, whether in Israel or abroad. This is required in order to prevent the sale of land to hostile parties.

2. Purchasers will be presented with relevant properties or land, without direct identification of the property. In order to avoid the possibility of risk to the transaction. 

3. The Israel Fund will negotiate on behalf of the purchasers accordingly. Only at this stage, after the Israel Land Fund is convinced of the seriousness and credibility of the buyers, will the fund expose the seller and allow the buyer to visit the property. 

4. The buyer can choose whether to continue the negotiations with the seller directly or alternatively, that the fund will represent him during the transaction, until the signing and official registration of the transaction is completed. 

5. The Israel Land Fund can offer to find Jewish tenants for the property and to will serve as a link between the new owners and the Jewish tenants or farmers 

6. At the end of the purchase process and with the registration of the property in the name of the buyer with the Israel Land Authority, the fund will provide the buyer with the purchase certificate along with the property map and a copy of the Israel Land Authority ownership document. 

• The process takes place under the guidance of a registered Israeli lawyer, expert in the field of general property law. The purchaser has the option of maintaining the services of this lawyer, for a fee significantly lower than the usual rate of an average Israeli lawyer. Also, the purchaser has the option to manage the process with his own attorney. In this case, a member of the Israel Land Fund will oversee the purchase, without legal representation from the fund.