The Process

Option 1: Donation

The Israel Land Fund (ILF) offers the option, for those wishing to make a donation to the ILF, to specify the purpose of the donation he is making such as buying a particular land or property from an Arab. This preference should be noted and specified when making the contribution to the Fund and the donor will be given a “certificate of acquisition”. This certificate will be issued by the Fund for the purpose of recognizing in writing the fund’s appreciation of the donor. In addition, the specific asset or land which the Fund purchased, with the help of the donor, will be noted on the certificate and will be accompanied by the purchase documents, a map of the property and if possible, photos.

There is also an option to make a donation in honor of someone as a gift, for example, to relatives and close friends, or made in memory of a loved one. 

Option 2: Private Acquisition

The following is a general outline of the purchasing process for those interested in buying land through the Israel Land Fund:

  1. An initial meeting between the Israel Land Fund and the buyer or a representative of the buyer will take place. The Israel Land Fund requires a letter of recommendation from a familiar individual, organization or community known to the ILF or whom the ILF have dealt with in the past, either in Israel or abroad. This is required in order to prevent the sale of land to hostile elements.
  2. The buyers will be shown properties or land they may be interested in purchasing, without directly identifying the property. This is to prevent the possibility of over-exposure of the property which may result in the cancellation or withdrawal of the property by the seller or cause damage to the deal.  
  3. The Fund will conduct negotiations on behalf of the buyers accordingly. It is only at this stage, once the ILF is convinced of the seriousness and authenticity of the buyers, that the ILF will reveal the seller and enable the buyer to visit the property.
  4. The buyer can choose to continue the negotiations with the seller alone or elect a member of the ILF to continue the transaction on his/her behalf until the signing and official registration of the transaction has taken place.
  5. The ILF is responsible for leasing the property or land for the buyer to local Jews and will act as a go-between between the new owners and the tenants or the Jewish farmers.
  6. A registered Israeli lawyer, in the field of general property law as well as an expert in leasing land from private Arabs, accompanies the ILF throughout the entire process. The buyer has the option of retaining the services of this lawyer, at a considerably lower fee than the standard rate of the average Israeli lawyer. The buyer also retains the possibility of conducting the process with his/her own lawyer. In this instance, a member of the ILF will oversee the acquisition, without legal representation from the ILF.
  7. At the end of the acquisition process and upon having the property listed in the name of the buyer with the Israel Lands Registry, the Fund will supply the certificate of acquisition together with a map of the property. This will accompany a copy of the Israel Land Registry Title document with the name of the new owner and a copy of the Israel Land Registry Title document with the name of the seller.
  8. One may also purchase land in the name of a family member (for example as a gift for a Brit Milah, Bat or Bar mitzvah or wedding). It is also possible to register the land in the name of a religious or educational institution, and in doing so, showing support of that particular institution, as well as purchasing property as a real estate investment.
  • Note: The process described above is meant to serve as a general outline. Each transaction may differ from one to the other accordingly and is customized, for the purchaser on the one hand to the seller on the other, by the Fund itself. The satisfaction on both sides of the transaction is fundamental in achieving success.
  • Note: It is possible to purchase property or land and register it in the name of a private individual or in the name of an Israeli company, as well as in the name of a foreign company if such exists for the buyer.
  • Opening of a trustee account: Each buyer will be required to have a trustee account with a reliable individual – (such as) a lawyer, accountant or family member. The trustee will disburse funds from the account (if there should ever be a need for such within the transaction) according to the terms stipulated and signed upon in the agreement on which the buyer or his/her attorney will sign.