Mount Hermon Hotel Available for Purchase

ID 94
Type House
Location The Galilee and the Golan
Price 4000000.00 $

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This is a hotel village of rustic cottages in Neve Ativ on the slope of Mt. Hermon in the Golan.
The records of the past 2 years show that the hotel is profitable. Profit for the past 2 years stood at 1 million shekels per year, and this included expenses paid to the Rimon parent company. Without this overhead, profit could be incread by approximately 500,000 shekels per year.

The complex has a restaurant, spa facilities and petting zoo area.

Price $4 million USD

The ILF has secured a mortgage option for this property. The buyer would pay 50% $2 million, and the bank would loan the second 2 million to complete the purchase.


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