80 dunams of land north of Jerusalem

ID 9
Type Agricultural land
Location Jerusalem Suburbs
Region Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley
Price 30000.00 $

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Prices quoted are per dunam, within the framework of a group purchase of the entire property. Individuals in the purchasing group purchase as as little as 1 dunam.

These lots are registered with the Israel Lands Registry.

Agricultural land

King David, King Solomon and even later times. The lots are located in various areas and all are very close to Jerusalem (anywhere from 2-10 minutes from the Har Hotzvim industrial park and the French Hill area. Access to jerusalem from these lots is by way of highway 443 and the Atarot industrial park/airport in north Jerusalem.

The lots are zoned for agricultural use and it is well known that the area is especially suited for growing grapes, apples, cherries and olives. 

Some of these lots have a view of Jerusalem, some have a view of the Binyamin region and from some of the lots one can actually see the mediterranean coastal area.

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