Agricultural property in Jerusalem

ID 47
Type Agricultural land
Location Jerusalem
Region Jerusalem area
Price 20000.00 $

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Agricultural property in Jerusalem

20 Dunams
Price = $20,000 per dunam
Located within the municipal borders of Jerusalem, between Gilo and Rachel's tomb, about 50 meters from the Gush Etzion tunnel road.
The land has never been worked and will need to be leveled.
Excellent land for olives and grapevines
The property is listed in the tax registry but not yet listed in the lands registry and thus, the price is extremely low.
The property transaction will work as follows:
Phase 1: Signing of a 10 year lease with the owners. Payment at this phase will be $2000 per dunam.
Phase 2: Upon signing the lease, the buyer will immediately be able to fence the property, level it, plant, etc. Simultaneously, the legal process of getting the property deeded with the lands registry will begin.
One year after signing the lease, if no complications have arisen, an additional payment of $5000 per dunam will be made.
Phase 3: Buyer will continue to work the land and will pay $5000 per dunam per year over the next 3 years.
In total, $22,000 per dunam will be paid incrementally over a 4 year period on the condition that no complications arise. It should be noted that getting the property listed in the lands registration could ultimately prove unsuccessful and it would remain registered with the tax authority only. For this reason the price is well below market norms. An equivalent property in this area, registered with the lands authority, gores for $80,000 per dunam!
It's an amazing deal both ideologically and investment-wise. We can't afford to let it slip away!

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