Nachalat Shimon Residential Plots

ID 31
Type Residential lot/s
Location Jerusalem
Region Jerusalem area
Price 0.00 $

Nachalat Shimon area residential plots

Nachalat Shimon is just north of Jerusalem's old city, about 50 meters from road number 1 (the main thoroughfare of Jerusalem) and about 300 meters from the Meah Shearim and Tzameret Habirah neighborhoods.
Most of the plots are owned by jews who purchased them in the 1920's.
These plots are currently being squatted on by Arabs who have built on them ilegally or are renting.

The new "Ohr Sameach" yeshivah campus is being built in Nachalat Shimon and there are 3 new, jewish owned, kosher hotels about 100 meters from the area. They are: The Novotel, Grand Court and the Olive Tree.

All purchases in Nachalat Shimon will be made through the Jerusalem Capital Developement Fund
The total area of the Nachalat Shimon neighborhood is approximately 11 dunams (2.75 acres). Our goal is to purchase most of the plots in the area.

The JCDF together with the ILF and in the name of all the property owners, will work for promotion of the building plans for the neighborhood and for each plot individually.

The prices for each plot of land are $3,500 per square meter of living space!

Additional expenses:
Attorney fees
Realtor fees (if the particular plot is handled by a realtor)
Fee paid to JCDF for its work with the governemnt planning authorities

Note: In the Tzameret Habirah neighborhood, 100 square meter apartments are being sold for around $450,000!

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