Regions List

The Galilee and the Golan

For hundreds of years the north of Israel has been known as a prime location for resting and healing the body, mind and soul. The Golan and Galilee are strategic assets to Israel. The primary source of freshwater for Israel, the Kinneret also known as the Sea of Galilee, feeds off water shed from the Golan. The Galilee borders both Lebanon to the north and Samaria to the south. It is viewed by many as the first line in dividing Israel to enable people in Lebanon to easily reach Samaria.

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The Negev

The Negev is the place where the Jewish nation’s forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob looked after their flocks. It is filled with dirt, rocks and canyons, as well as breathtaking landscapes, waterfalls, caves, archeological sites, cities, craters and a deep history. For centuries, the Negev has been home to Bedouins, who in the recent years have settled into more permanent, illegal homes. It is also seen as an additional way to divide Israel, in order to connect areas of the Judean and Hevron Hills to Egypt and Gaza. 

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Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley

Judea and Samaria represent the heart of the Land of Israel. It is the place where Abraham and Isaac walked, where Jacob resided and where Joshua Bin Nun fought the Canaanite nations. These regions were also included in the original areas of the British Mandate that intended the region be part of a national homeland for the Jewish people. For centuries, Jews have lived in these areas uninterruptedly. With security and agricultural significance to Israel including wineries, olive oil, and vegetables, the Jewish settlements in these areas require much strengthening.  

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The Center

The central region of Israel ranges from Haifa in the north to Ashdod in the south. It is considered by many to be the pulsating hub of the country, the heart of Israeli business and culture. The cities in the center are amongst the most well-known and the property highly sought-after.  Fortifying the areas that connect the west to the east of the country, and ensuring Israel’s center remains border-free is critical. Towards this goal, it is essential to strengthen the Jewish presence in mixed cities such as Lod, Ramla and Jaffa.

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Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the first and main holy city of the Jewish people. From the very creation of the world until modern day, Jerusalem has been the center of Jewish existence. When the Jewish people spent thousands of years in exile, they yearned to return to Jerusalem and to the spiritual glory of its heyday. The miracles of the Six Day War enabled the Jewish people worldwide to once again, walk along all her sacred streets. With the unity of the city currently in jeopardy, efforts continue to ensure it remains under Jewish sovereignty.

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