Acco is a city in the western Galilee with a population of about 46,000 people.
The Old City was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
It is one of the most important cities of the ancient world. The city is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities, dating back to 1504 BCE.
Acco was once a leading port in the Middle East, in the same league as Alexandria and Constantinople.
Acco is in the midst of a time of great positive change, expressed mainly during the last two years, here are the things already done and those planned
1. Acco is currently carrying out a renovation project for old apartments. The project is funded primarily by the Department of Housing and City of Acco, and doing well. In addition, a program is in place to improve the appearance and cleanliness of the city. Wherever possible, parking spaces were added for residents and visitors, as well as improving streets, sidewalks and landscaping on a regular basis, and the best results are already on the ground.
2. A new Azrieli mall was built in a year and a half and is already active. A new football stadium was built and large supermarket chains are moving in to the city (Rami Levy). Highway access to the city has been greatly improved and daily commuting from the center of the country to Acco is very quick thanks to Highway 6 and its new interchanges and on-ramps.
3. A new train station is being built at the southern end of Acco, which will also reach Carmiel. This is a 5 billion ILS project which will make  Acco the central transportation hub of the Galil and increase the population by tens of thousands.
4. A walking and bicycle promenade is planned along the beach connecting Acco and Nahariya (like the southern promenade in Jaffa).
5. Acco's Old City attracts about a million tourists a year. There are excavations, restoration and ongoing preservation of the old city, as well as  historic buildings that were discovered underground.
6. Reducing crime - all the old city is covered by a network of video cameras connected to the city command center. The criminal elements that were present in the city in the past are rapidly disappearing. The rule of law is felt more and the look and feeling of security is on the rise (There's no problem to walk around the old city at any time, including night).
7. Local and foreign investors are constantly buying apartments and buildings in the Old City (4 apartments through the fund in 2011), restoring them and turning them into hotels and guest houses. For example, the Accotel hotel is progressing nicely and is planned for 140 rooms.
8. The city is beginning construction processes in all directions. There are plans that are spreading east towards Emek Zevulun, north toward Moshav Bustan Hagalil and south in the hotel and the beach area.
9. Housing purchase prices rose by about 60% the past three years. Rental rates have also increased indicating a substantial growth in demand.
10. A new Hesder yeshivah was built with a number of buildings over a large area, as well as renovation of the old Yeshivah in the Wolfson neighborhood. The city currently has 60 active synagogues.