ILF Scores Supreme Court Victory

Date: 3/5/2018

Important News!

January 2018 - The ILF has just won a huge victory in the Supreme Court of Israel, obtaining eviction orders for illegal squatters occupying Jewish owned land for nearly 20 years. In light of this recent development, we are looking for 4 idealistic families who are willing to move into homes in Beit Hanina. There are 4 housing units suitable for young families. Interested in taking part in the settlement movement in East Jerusalem? Get organized with more families and we at the Israel Land Fund would be happy to take you on a tour of this neighborhood. The area is located between the neighborhoods of Givat Ze'ev and Ramot Shlomo, about 400 feet from the light rail station and a short walk to Ramat Shlomo We will only respond to 4 families that have partnered together with one another. The compound is not secure by private security guards, we rely on the Jerusalem police! Chodesh tov, shavua tov, and may we continue to hear more good news!

Office: 02-6223195

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