Success Stories

The Israel Land Fund has helped secure several plots of land and reclaimed properties back into the hands of private individual people. If you would like to contribute your success story, email

  • In Ilaniyah, near Kfar Tabor in Emek Yisrael:  A Jewish family owned 63 Dunams of land. Unfortunately the family went into bankruptcy and just before Yom Kippur 2008, a court decision had forced the family to sell the land. The Israel Land Fund helped find another Jewish family to purchase the land. The Sunday immediately following Yom Kippur, right before an Arab foundation came to buy the land, the property was acquired by this other Jewish family. 
  • In East Jerusalem: Arabs had illegally taken over 12 Dunams of Jewish Italian owned land, on which they had constructed six buildings. Between August and November 2008, the Israel Land Fund had the Arabs evicted and the buildings were demolished.
  • Southeast of Jerusalem: Two houses in Beit Safafa were purchased by Jewish owners and renovated. One family has settled into one of the renovated houses and the other is expected to move in shortly.
  • East Jerusalem: On Shimon Hatzadik Street in Jerusalem, a house, originally bought by Jews in 1995, was illegally inhabited by Arabs. In June 2009, the Israel Land Fund entered the building in order to reclaim the property, despite encountering demonstrations. A new Jewish family is expected to move in over the New Year.
  • Acre: In the Old City of Acre, near the sea line, a shop of 22 square meters was bought for 30,000 Shekels as well as a building of three floors, near the sea line, at 440 square meters was bought for $400,000 by a Jewish family from four Arab brothers. In addition, another 70 square meter apartment was bought for $40,000.
  • Jaffa: An ancient synagogue in the old city of Jaffa, which had been abandoned for 32 years, had been used by Arabs as a garbage dump. When the Israel Land Fund reclaimed ownership of the land, the synagogue was covered with swastikas. After recovering and renovating its interior, in June 2009 it was finally restored to its rightful owners. Today it is used for daily and weekly prayers.
  • In Zichron Yaacov: A family bought 20 Dunams of agricultural land in 2007 for $7,500. After a few years, it was sold for $10,500
  • In Judea and Samaria: Almost 10 Dunams of land were bought near Jewish settlements a few years ago. The land was sold for between $15-25,000 Dollars per Dunam and is used today for wineries and olive trees.

If you would like to contribute your success story, email