Friends of ILF

HaShomer HaChadash – The New Guard

HaShomer HaChadash or The New Guard is a not-for-profit, volunteers-based organization. It was established as a result of the inability of Jewish farmers and cattlemen in Israel to deal with recurring problems of seizure of land. Within its first year of establishment its initial guard post, Mitzpe Sando near Zippori in the Galil, resulted in a sharp decrease of 80% in the number of incidents and theft in the area. For more information, visit

The Heritage Association of the Upper Galilee

The Heritage Association of the Upper Galilee is devoted to the continuation of Jewish life in the ancient city of Peki’in. Peki’in bears witness to the Jewish ties to the Land of Israel.  Its Jewish community has existed uninterrupted for more than 2,000 years, since the days of the Second Temple.  Peki’in’s significance is further reinforced by the portrayal of the city’s ancient synagogue on Israel’s 100 Shekel bill.

The Heritage Association of the Upper Galilee actively encourages renewed interest in this Galilee village. Through renovation of holy sites and educational programs, the Association brings the city’s unique history to thousands annually. For more information on the Heritage Association of the Upper Galilee, visit:

Garin Yafo

Garin Yafo was established with the purpose of strengthening the Jewish community of Jaffa. Garin literally means “a seed” and refers to a group of idealistic individuals who try and effect social and religious development in underdeveloped communities. Currently 28 families reside in the Garin, whose primary aim is to uplift and enrich the Jewish community in the ancient city.